Friday, January 23, 2009

Creative Illustration by Andrew Loomis

This is where I will post the things I have learned from studying the book "Creative Illustration" by Andrew Loomis.


• Anyone who can draw or paint can do it better with more knowledge to work with.

•Illustration is life as you perceive and interpret it.

•Drawing, for the most part, is setting down contour in correct proportion and spacing.

• Real drawing is an interpretation, selection, and statement of a contour with the greatest possible meaning.

•Even a poor drawing exhibiting inventiveness and some originality is better than a hundred tracings or projections.

Method and procedure are the only sound basis of teaching, for without them creative ability has no chance.

•Select the teachings that are of use to you, and discard those teachings that you don't agree with.

•The art of illustration must logically begin with LINE. Line enters every phase of pictorial effort. Line is the first approach to design, as well as the delineation of contour.

TONE comes next Tone is the basis of the rendering of form in it's solid aspect. Tone is also the basis of a three-dimensional effect of form in space. A truthful representation of life cannot be made without a clear understanding of tone. Line and tone are interdependent, and this relationship must be understood.

• To line and tone is added COLOR. Again, the relationship becomes inseparable, for true color depends almost entirely upon good tonal or value relationship.

• Line, tone, and color must be united to a pictorial purpose. Arrangement and presentation are even more important than the subject matter.

Experiment and study: these can contribute so much to your ultimate success. This can assure freshness and progress in your work as nothing else; it is the the thing that lifts you out of the rut of daily routine, and places you head and shoulders above your associates. IT IS THE BIGGEST SECRET OF SUCCESS.

THE FORM PRINCIPLE (workable truths)- They are the things which are present in all good art, and should be a part of all that you do. They spring from the laws of nature.

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